DAFS – D R U G & A L C O H O L F A M I L Y S U P P O R T

Who are DAFS?

DAFS (Drug & Alcohol Family Support) is a peer-led, not-for-profit voluntary service dedicated to providing support and empowerment to families dealing with loved ones suffering from substance or alcohol misuse disorder.

Our approach is characterised by a non-judgmental and inclusive ethos.

We offer a safe space where families can come together to share their lived experiences and feel heard, ensuring confidentiality throughout. This is achieved through face to face meetings and online support.

Our goal is to assist families in rediscovering themselves amidst the turmoil of their loved one’s substance and alcohol misuse disorder.

We offer unwavering, compassionate, and empathetic support in a secure, confidential, and non-judgmental setting.

By sharing our own personal experiences, we aim to help families connect, establish trust, and eliminate feelings of isolation.

We strive to raise awareness in our communities and embrace all affected families, irrespective of their backgrounds.

It is our firm belief that families impacted by substance misuse disorders also deserve a path to recovery.

Who are DAFS? To find out more please contact Lynn or Val:

Tel: 07598 346244 OR 07874 849659

Email: lynn.fox@dafsmk.co.uk OR

valerie.forsey@dafsmk.co.uk Join us on our private Facebook page!


Instagram: dafs.mk