Scam Incident

We wanted to make you aware of an scam which has occurred at a GP Surgery within BLMK over the weekend. We would ask you to be extra vigilant and consider communication to your patients where you think appropriate.


A caller made a phone call to an elderly patient claiming to be a named member of staff at the practice and after some searching questions of the patient, requested that they pay for a prescription to help aid symptoms which were disclosed. Thankfully, this patient realised it might be a scam when the caller was asked to provide recent blood test results which of course, they were unable to do. The number it came from was: 01233 344108


Ofcom and Age UK have been notified and our Comms Team will be putting the message out on Social Media although this may not reach as many of the elderly as we would like. Please consider adding a message on your own social media platforms and on your waiting room screens as this might be quicker than attempting to provide the message on the screens BLMK-wide by the ICB.