First Contact Physiotherapist-

Role Overview –

To provide advanced level decision making and clinical reasoning skills to assess, diagnose, triage and treat a multitude of patients suffering from musculoskeletal conditions. An Advanced Practice Physiotherapist (APP) incorporates advanced level skills and knowledge within their physiotherapy practice. APPs use their skills to address complex decision-making processes in the management of patients with a range of presentations in both intervention and preventative care. APPs have completed an advanced program of studies beyond their initial physiotherapy training which will include the development of a range of skill and knowledge such as independent prescribing, injecting and advanced joint manipulative techniques.

Health and Wellbeing

Role Overview –

To support people to take proactive steps to improve the way they manage their physical and mental health conditions. Give people the support to manager their own health and wellbeing. Use a supportive self-management intervention to coach and motivate people during sessions to self-identify their needs, set goals and improve their knowledge, confidence and skills.

Mental Health Practitioner

To act as a mental health resource to the PCNs by offering advice and support for the management and care of clients with mental health difficulties.
To provide/support monitoring of medication for all mental health patients, dementia patients and those suffering with anxiety and depression.
To support and develop self-management care plans for service users.
To utilise a range of therapeutic techniques Assessments and Referrals.

Social Prescriber

To link patients to their community services, for example if you are isolated, lonely or have housing or money issues (this is not exhaustive); facilitating personalised outcomes to improve/maintain health and wellbeing using community connections. To research and make sure services/community resources are appropriate and details are accurate before signposting. Link and network with other services, agencies and charities and identify gaps in community groups. We partnership work with other Health and Social Care Professionals to provide best care possible.